Sustainable metal processing extraction technologies that push boundaries

Gold extraction and arsenic stabilization solutions that are a cut above the rest

Dundee Sustainable Technologies is transforming the mining industry with eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions to reduce environmental liabilities and help to remain compliant with ever-evolving legislation. The future of mining is here. And we’ve got your back.

A cyanide-free, faster and greener gold extraction process

Imagine a new gold recovery process that carries out extraction without any cyanide, faster solubilization, and no liquid effluents—at a competitive cost that matches conventional technologies. It starts with our patented CLEVR Process™.

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What if you could efficiently remove and manage arsenic?

Dundee Sustainable Technologies has developed a proven proprietary technology that permanently stabilizes arsenic from mining, smelting, and processing operations—at a fraction of the cost of other methods.

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Metallurgical Know-how that drives impact

With decades of metallurgical expertise, Dundee Sustainable Technologies offers end-to-end process development, piloting, demonstration campaigns, and support to precious and base metal projects.

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