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DST Announces Successful Processing of 150 Tonnes, as Part of a 3,800 Tonnes Program

December 14, 2020

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, December 14, 2020 – Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc. (“DST” or the “Corporation”) (CSE: DST) is pleased to announce it has successfully completed the processing of 150 tonnes of complex material (the “Material”) at its treatment facilities in Thetford Mines, Canada. The 150 tonnes campaign represent the first phase of 3,800 tonnes tolling agreement of the Material at DST’s facilities in Thetford Mines in 2021.

The Material is an active by-product generated by aluminium smelters. The active nature of the Material is creating an environmental liability and a necessity for the Material to be remediated. For this reason, DST was awarded a first contract to develop a deactivation process to inert the active Material. The processing of the 3,800 tonnes of Material is expected to be executed over a 2-year period and to generate revenues for the Corporation.

Mr. David Lemieux, the President and CEO of the Corporation stated, “While we maintain focus on the commercialization of our GlassLock Process™ and CLEVR Process™, such contract is part of DST’s strategy to leverage its processing plant in Thetford Mines, Quebec, to generate immediate revenues.”

“This Material is environmentally challenging and, for the past 10 years, our client has been looking for a solution prior to meeting DST. Our team, once again, showed its technical expertise in solving environmental issues with effective and practical industrial solutions.”

The processing of the 3,800 tonnes of Material is expected to start in Q1 2021.

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