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DST Announces Piloting Program on 270 g/t Gold Material

November 25, 2020

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, November 25, 2020 – Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc. (“DST” or the “Corporation”) (CSE: DST) is pleased to announce a piloting test program at its facilities in Thetford Mines, Canada. The piloting program (the “Piloting” or “Program”) is conducted on material from a Senior Canadian Gold Mining Company (the “Gold Company”) and administrated by an International Metal Trading Company (the “Metal Trader”) with whom DST executed the Piloting agreement.

The Piloting will be conducted on a ~3-tonne sample of high-grade gold material (the “Material”) produced by the Gold Miner. The Material is known to contain 270 g/t of gold, on average, with a minimum of 25 g/t and a maximum of 1,900 g/t of gold, along with >500 g/t of silver and up to 1% of asbestos. The Program’s objective is to confirm the successful and complete destruction of asbestos contained in the Material at the pilot scale using DST’s technical and processing capacities.

The Program also aims to define the terms and conditions associated with an industrial tolling agreement of the Material at DST’s facilities in Thetford Mines in 2021 for more than 200 tonnes of similar material. The piloting work will be conducted at DST’s facilities in Thetford Mines, Quebec, where previous laboratory work on the Material identified that it is amenable to produce a clean gold product.

Mr. David Lemieux, the President and CEO of the Corporation stated, “DST is very pleased with the progress of the work to the pilot scale testing with the Metal Trader and Gold Company. Once again DST’s technical expertise and industrial processing capabilities provides a new opportunity for the Corporation to operate within the gold mining industry alongside key industry players.”

The Piloting was initiated in early November and is expected to be completed by the end of Q4-2020.

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