Gold extraction without cyanide

Proprietary gold extraction process

Dundee Sustainable Technologies offers a cleaner, efficient, and cost-effective alternative for extracting gold. This gold extraction process uses no cyanide and produces no toxic liquid or gaseous effluents. Solid residues remain inert, stable, and non-acid generating.

The novel CLEVR ProcessTM chemical approach solubilises gold much faster than traditional gold recovery circuits, slashing contact times from 36+ hours to 2 hours. The process is closed-loop, which entails that all reagents are re-circulated, eliminating the need for tailings ponds, mitigating failure risks and environmental impact.

  • Increases gold recovery
  • Fast reaction time (2 hours)
  • Handles base materials, like Cu and ZN
  • Treats refractory ores (Py, Aspy, Te, C)

How our gold recovery process works

The CLEVR Process uses sodium hypochlorite — NOT chlorine gas—with a catalytic amount of sodium hypobromite in acidic conditions to put the gold into solution. Contact time is short, and the process operates in a fully closed loop. All chemicals are recycled within the circuit and, if needed, sea water may also be used.

CLEVR Process™ benefits

  • Increased gold recovery in a fraction of the time
  • Very competitive CAPEX and OPEX
  • Reduced footprint
  • Decreased current and future environmental liabilities
  • Reduced carbon footprint

The proof is in the numbers

  • Achieve >95% gold extraction yields
  • Allow for coarser particle size requirements
  • Increase efficiency (2 hours contact time)
  • Competitive costs (~$20 / tonne of ore for a 10,000 TPD direct leach)
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CLEVR Process™ Certifications

ISO 14034 : 2016
ISO 14034 : 2016
Sustainable Development Technology Canada

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