Dundee Sustainable Technologies Committed to a greener mining industry

We’re on a mission to transform the mining industry

Ever since it was founded in over a decade ago and part of Dundee Corporation, Dundee Sustainable Technologies has had a vision that the mining companies could leverage more environmentally friendly solutions for mineral extraction and extractive metallurgy processes, starting with eliminating the use of cyanide, permanently handle arsenic as well as recovering gold from refractory ores. With 50+ patents in >15 countries, Dundee Sustainable Technologies is helping the mining sector reduce its impact on the environment—all while achieving better levels of performance.

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Dundee Sustainable Technologies’ Board of Directors

Responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of management decisions and the execution of our company strategies, Dundee Sustainable Technologies’ Board of Directors is made up seasoned executives in mining, technologies, finance and management.

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Advisory Board for Dundee Sustainable Technologies

Our Advisory Board is comprised of industry veterans from the mining and metallurgical sectors, with extensive experience in breaking industry paradigms and creating value for Dundee Sustainable Technologies’ stakeholders.

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Dundee Sustainable Technologies: Unique talent to drive growth

It takes dedicated leaders and industry experts to cultivate Dundee Sustainable Technologies’ strong culture and innovation-driven mindset. Our management philosophy is all about people, purpose and persistence.

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