Technical Services

DST provides its technical expertise and/or facilities to companies wishing to further evaluate the development of their project using our laboratory, piloting and/or industrial demonstration facilities on specific projects in need of viable processing capacities, and to initiate engineering studies required for an industrial implementation.

DST technical staff is composed of an experienced team of metallurgical and chemical engineers, technicians and operators with a strong expertise in hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes and in dealing with hazardous materials such as arsenic, antimony, mercury, lead and asbestos.

Our team can assist in the development of mineral projects by providing, efficient and economical processing solutions through laboratory, pilot and demonstration testing programs.

DST Technical & Industrial Complex

Our technical facilities, located in Thetford Mines, Quebec are well equipped to perform crushing and grinding, comminution, hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical test-work services, at scales ranging from one (1) kilogram to five thousand (5,000) tonnes or more.

Laboratory and Analytical Programs

ICP Plasma, Atomic Absorption, LECO (sulfur), Ion Chromatograph, XRF analyser, Fire assay furnaces, centrifuge, calcination and oxidation furnaces, pH and ORP meters, sulfur measurement probe, electrolysis systems.

Process Development and Simulation

Process development and simulation using Metsim, flowsheet development, mass, water and energy balance, P&ID.

Mineral Processing and Concentration Circuits

25-tonne per day crushing and grinding facilities, gravimetric and flotation concentration circuit.


1-tonne per day, batch mode hydrometallurgical, vitrification and oxidation (fluid bed) piloting facilities.


Industrial size plant with a nominal capacity of 15-tonnes per day.