Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc. announces a up to $1.5 million service contract with RNC Minerals

  June 13, 2017

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, June 13, 2017 – Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc. (“DST” or the “Corporation”) (CSE: DST) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a contract with RNC Minerals (“RNC”) for the treatment of nickel sulphide concentrate from a non-related third party (the “Concentrate”). This third party has provided up to $1.5 million services contract, based on pre-determined milestones, to complete the tests and contracted RNC to pilot nickel roasting technology for downstream use in the stainless-steel industry.

DST will perform, at its industrial scale demonstration facilities located in Thetford Mines, Quebec (the “Plant”), dead roasting of 400 wet metric tonnes of the Concentrate to produce a nickel calcine that will be returned to the third party after the completion of the roasting campaign for customer testing. From the reception of the Concentrate, the campaign is expected to occur over a four (4) month period.

“With the completion of our recent demonstration program on a complex gold concentrate from Chile (refer to December 13, 2016 press release), this transaction allows to optimize the use of our state of the art facilities and talented team of engineers and scientists. Our priority remains the commercialization of our cyanide-free gold extraction and arsenic stabilization technologies, but opportunities like this allow us to leverage our assets and to generate revenue”, says Brian Howlett, DST’s President & CEO.

DST provides its technical expertise and facilities to companies wishing to further evaluate the development of their projects using the Corporation laboratory, piloting and/or industrial demonstration facilities on specific projects in need of viable processing capacities, and to initiate engineering studies required for an industrial implementation.

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